About WR

We are a company specializing in providing national team football data to commercial customers. The company has been operating for over 9 years and has sold data to a number of clients. It not only has expertise in collecting football data from all over the world, but it has development resources available that enable it to supply you with data in any custom format.

www.world-results.net Ltd's archive currently contains 44141 match records, 31662 players from past and present, 1511 international tournaments, and comprises international football results and fixtures from every past and present footballing country in the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, some 245 countries in all. The archive contains the following data:

The archive also contains tournament structure information for each tournament from the World Cup to the smallest of 'friendly' tournaments such that it is easy to determine where a match fits into a tournament.

The archive is updated 365 days a year and typically several times per day. As such the archive can be sourced for historical data as well as near real-time data.

If your company is interested in receiving data feeds from our extensive international football results database, please don't hesitate to contact us for our very competitive pricing information.