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Commercial Solutions

www.world-results.net Ltd's extensive archive of international football results and fixtures contains over 40000 international (country versus country) matches, covering both results and fixtures for over 245 countries on all continents. The archive also contains player/goal information and tournament structure information. The archive is continuously being updated with the latest available current and historical information. Coupled with the IT resources that we have available we are ideally positioned to feed this data into your systems in a number of ways and in whatever format is required either in real-time or one a one-off basis, for example for historical data. For our current customers we deliver data via FTP (push) and via web download (pull) in custom formats directly from our servers on a 24/7 basis.

To summarize, we support:

* this horizon will extend over time
** data is updated in near-realtime

Samples of what can be retrieved out of our extensive archive are available here.

For further details, questions or quotes please contact us.

Non-commercial Solutions

Currently there are no non-commercial solutions available.

Educational/Academic Solutions

For educational/academic purposes we can currently only offer one solution whereby you supply software to us, ideally written in Java, C/C++ or Perl, that can then be installed and run by us on our servers. This software can then access our extensive archive and write, for example, statistics output to a file which can then be sent back to you. For this service we would charge 250 Euro per required day.