Raw Data (XLS/TSV/XML)


The following web pages show what can be retrieved out of the extensive archive of international football results:

Match Reports

The following match reports have been generated from the extensive archive of international football results:

Player Data

The following data files show some of the player data that is used to create match reports and goal data:

Derived Data

FIFA Ranking

We have developed our own FIFA ranking calculator and viewer applications allowing us not only to view a previous ranking but also to work out a "live" daily ranking even before FIFA even publishes the "official" ranking. The viewer shows every tiny detail of each calculation for each match of the 209 countries that are currently ranking. By simply selecting another date that ranking becomes visible instantly.

In addition this tool provides us with a way of easily verifying our archive against the FIFA archive. This is important because the process of checking matches for a breach of FIFA rules can take days or even weeks and FIFA never publishes details of such changes.

UEFA National Team Ranking Coefficient

The www.world-results.net Ltd archive can easily be used to calculate new data, such as the UEFA National Team Ranking Coefficient. Below are some examples: